so pleased to

meet you!

We believe that our passions are a guide to what
is needed in the world, right now.

Our beliefs

At Antonia Leanne by Geissendoerfer Design we value your creative passion, be it developing complex taste experiences a chef, making creativity accessible as an art teacher, or creating beautiful and welcoming spaces as interior designer that touch our hearts and make the mundane more enjoyable.

We believe that you got your talent for a reason and that you can contribute something foundational to our society by using them to bring more beauty, intention and empathy to the world.

We know first hand how hard it can be to start, to put that idea out there or pursue an „unstable“ career.
However, we also experienced how much impact an encounter with someone who can support us on the journey at just the right time can have.

We’d love to be that encounter to you!

female entrepreneur walking in her web and brand design studio

Hi there,

I am Antonia (some call me by my middle name Leanne). I grew up scribbling art works and playing dress up, always looking for new ways to create. Over the years I swapped my crayons for digital Design Programs and started working with camera, Laptop and graphic tablet. In the 7+ years of gathering experience and education in the design industry I have worn many hats, working as a photographer, illustrator, social media manager, copy writer and brand strategist. I have always dreamt of starting my own business, but as it happens so often in life that dream was put on hold until I finally made the jump to go for it. Pursuing a passion really is about making most of our short life here for me, and I’d love to support you to do the same!

I have lived in Taipei and Northern Ireland and am now based in Berlin, Germany.

portrait of a female entrepreneur sitting in her design studio black and white brand photo



I am made from dumplings and whole grain bread – in other words: My veins carry German and Taiwanese blood all at once and I am pretty sure that is the reason why I love being surrounded by different cultures and languages.

I know it is shocking but I actually rarely drink coffee because it gives me the jitters in the worst way possible. However, if you prefer green tea, you’re totally in my team!

When I meet someone who is truly excited about their work, I get completely star struck and the actual excitement jitters. Few experiences are more beautiful (except maybe a savouring a plate of fresh sushi).