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GetAwayDays provide young people from challenging life circumstances an opportunity to leave their daily routine behind and experience outdoor adventures and a new sense
of personal achievement.



Website Structure

Brand Colours

Custom Illustration

GetAwayDays e.V.

Non-Profit Organisation

The Organisation

GetAwayDays takes you out of your daily grind and into a new adventure, where young people can learn team play, taking responsibility for their actions and gain confidence in their own abilities to solve problems.

GetAwayDays had a website that made it difficult for the viewer to actually find all the information they were looking for and they wanted an update to the entire website structure and the design. We looked at the target audience and what makes this organisation unique in order to come up with a website design that is inviting and transmits the feeling of adventure and a newly gained boldness while giving it a more intuitive and clear structure. The new design was implemented across four websites of different locations across the world.

Visual Elements

A mix of warm, inviting colours and bold accents paired with a few cool neutrals that reflect their existing logo design. We got inspired by colours in nature – the dark forest, clear spring water and sandy ground to showcase the outdoor character of the experience.




Interactive Elements

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