Fashion for the here&now


A sentimental garment brand
that takes you back into the present moment.


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Brand Voice

Hyier is the feeling you get when you soak up your surroundings, take your mind off the past and find comfort in the here and now.

Hyier is all about presence. It embodies consciousness not only in their production process but also in their brand messaging. Hyier enables you to soak up the joy of the present moment wearing only what feels good to you and the environment. They are your go-to decision for any occasion to savour.

We designed a brand voice that expresses that slowness, that extention of the present moment and the tenderness of a today that needs to be protected.


Modern, yet timeless.
Calm, but not shy.
Hyier is here to stay.

Logo Variations

Logo Variations for care labels, fashion tags and smaller items.

Visual Elements

Calm, earthy tones that refer to mother nature and the slow state of mind and typeface that conveys class with a hint of boldness.



muted forest