Sophia Berg

Sand, earth and its story.






Sophia Berg



Sophia pays attention to what most people would simply walk by. The Berlin based artist studies and explores materials like sand, glass, earth. Her artworks are rich in meaning and story, always involving an extensive processes of researching materials to procuring them, and finally to processing and applying them.

Sophias Art speaks for itself. She wanted a portfolio page that she can easily refer to on her exhibitions or in conversation.
We sought to create a page minimal enough to not take away from the actual art while creating an experience similar to a museum visit: with images displayed in different sizes, always leaving space to breathe, allowing a journey where you never know what will be around the corner and are fully captivated by the mastery of the artist.


Dainty yet expressive
Soft curves and an organic feel

Visual Tone

Everything kept very minimal to leave intentional space for the artwork itself. Low contrast grey tones that express a hint to the graphite used in a number of the images and step into the background subtly.



warm steel

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Sophia Berg’s art is constantly evolving and growing, so make sure to go see her current expertly crafted artworks.